Teaching has been an important part of my journey as a musician. I wouldn't be where I am without the great mentors who have shared their knowledge with me through my life. So that, I am committed to continue their legacy and pass my humble experience to others in the different fields where I feel confident to do so. I always feel a great pleasure guiding students to become in the best musicians they can be and assist them to achieve their personal goals, whichever they are. I strive to instill love and appreciation for music, but always through critical thinking and according to my students' goals. 

Please get in touch if you feel I am the right tutor for you on any of the following subjects.

  • Piano (classical/pop/jazz/latin)
  • Music theory (including preparation for AP music theory exams or any other board examinations)
  • Ear training
  • Music History 
  • Composition and arranging